Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Creating Storage Containers for Backups/Archive using Oracle Storage Service Console

In this blog shall discuss on the creation of Storage containers for backups using the Oracle Cloud Storage Service Console.Storage Containers are a mandatory prerequisite setup required for provisioning of Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service and also any Database Cloud Service provisioned and planned to be used with Java Cloud Service and SOA Cloud Service should use a Backup.

For Creation of Storage Containers there are multiple ways of doing the same.

i) Oracle Storage Service Console
ii) GUI Based tool like Cloud Berry
iii) Command Line approach using REST API
iv) During provisioning of a Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service etc you have an option to create a storage container check box which would create a storage container during instance provisioning.

In this blog we shall go through the Oracle Storage Service Console option of creating a Storage Container. Detailed steps of the same would be listed below.

1. First Login to your cloud Dashboard.
    URL for your Oracle Cloud Dashboard will be in the following format                                          <IdentityDomain>/faces/dashboard.jspx

     Everyone using their specific Oracle Cloud instances would need to replace their specific    
     environment identity domain provided for their environments.

     Once logged into Oracle Cloud Dashboard it would look as below


2. Once in your Cloud Dashboard click on the Storage link as shown below

3. Once you have clicked on the Storage link it would take you to the Storage Cloud Service details page as shown below

4. Once in the Storage Cloud Service Details page click on the Open Service Console button once clicked you would be in the Storage Service console. Here we get to see all the available containers created and their current storage usage details. We can go ahead and delete storage containers which are not currently used and do not have any data. But it is not suggested to delete the existing storage containers as they might be related with existing Database or Java or SOA cloud Service and once a container is being linked with an existing service then you cannot delete the container.

5. Once in the Storage Cloud Service console click on Create Container button. It would take you to Storage Container window where you would need to provide the storage container name of your choice, Storage Class of the container whether the container is standard or archive and if you want encryption to be enabled then the same can be enabled.

6. Once you enter the container details, choosing the storage class of the container and click on Create the container will be created which could be used in provisioning of instances or any other storage requirements on the cloud.

Note: In all the screen shots would have masked the identity domain and user name details for confidentiality purpose, if you are doing this activity in Oracle cloud instances of self then would be able to notice the identity domain and other user name details.